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abbie LOVES wolves and her friends thought that they should name her she wolf.
i love wolves and if you can try..... TRY to donate money to save them they don't hurt they just protect and when they howl
they are trying to find a friend.They are very smart animals,brave,beautiful. so PLEASE try to donate and soon i will be taking money to
save animals and wolves i will be having a youtube video about wolves and how people kill them for fun and i will have it shown above.Wolves are the biggest
in the dog family.

height:26-32 inches at the shoulder.
Embed length:4.5-6.5 feet from nose to tail. Embed Embed lifespan:7-8 years in the wild,but some have lived 10 years or more.

diet:ungulates(large hoofed animals)
like elk,deer,moose and caribou.
also known to eat beaver,rabbits,
and other small prey.they also eat dead animals.

dog9.gif wolfwht.gif

Taylor_lautner_pic.jpg im on team jacob but im also a fan of edward