Hi my name is Amanda and I am 11 years old. I love gymnastics and reading. When i get time i go outside and do gymnastics or if the weather is bad i will go in my room. When i read i usually read in my house but if i want to read in the summer i will go outside. My favoite foods and drinks are tacos and corn with the side of chocolate milk. I go to Mohawk Aveune School. My teachers are Mrs.Sawicki, Mrs.McMahon, and Mrs.Bandel. They are all very, very nice, funny, and creative. My favorite subject is Math. My goals for next ear is to read more books and do better in gymnastics. I have a brother in 10th grade (high school) and a sister in 8th grade (middle school). My dad works as a police man and my mom works for a company that makes hip and knee replacements (But she makes sure that they are all the right size).

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This music vidieo is my sister's dance team and i am tumbling in the video. I am the one tumbling on the floor after the girl does a leap sequence. i am also swining on the rope with some of the people on the dance team.