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Hi I'm Chudi Onwuasoanya I'm 10 years old i live in a box and my dad works at Merrill lynch on main street. My mom works at picatiny arsenal. i love to play video games. they are my life. ive met a lot of cool friends that way. Technology is like my brother i know him and he knows me. i have 2 brothers both in college. The college is called RPI. They enjoy it im visiting there soon. I love Pikmin its about how a space captain no bigger than a gamecube disc crash lands on a planet,he neads ship parts to fly off the only problem is that there is 30 ship parts and 30 days. He finds creatures call pikmin and they will help him completely. In the second one since he was gone so long the company went bankrupt and olimar has to go back to the pikmin planet with another person for 2 player awesomeness. Then after the dept is recoverd he forgets louie the employe that went with him they go back and have to fight the titan dweevil i have pictures on my phone i will try to show you at the end of the day gym.I am now playing a game called The Little Kings Story.