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After reading the "Math Curse", your group will design your own Math Curse book using Toondoo (link below). Each group member is responsible for two pages in your group book. Your individual pages must include one subtraction problem and one addition problem using four or more digit numbers. As a group, you must decide on a sequential story using the story map link below. Use the discussion tab to plan together. Your group story needs to be posted on this page under your group number.

Some story ideas may include: A week vacation, a day in your character's life, a sporting event, etc. Remember to discuss ideas on the discussion board.



User Name: tmcmahon
Password: mohawk

Story Map #1

McMahon Group 1
McMahon Group 2
McMahon Group 3
McMahon Group 4
McMahon Group 5
McMahon Group 6

Sawicki Group 1
Sawicki Group 2
Sawicki Group 3
Sawicki Group 4
Sawicki Group 5
Sawicki Group 6