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​Science Scribe (Daily Class Notes)

Just for Fun!

Rosy McMahon

Cell Project

Isn't it a lot more fun to watch a program that is exciting and explains ideas well? Now is your chance to use your talent to create a Wiki page that will explain all about cells. You and your group will create an exciting Wiki page about plant and animals cells and their organelles which will be presented to our class. Each group will create a slideshow, cell rap song, cartoon and a cell story to illustrate the information they have learned about their assigned cell parts.

Individual projects must include six of the following cell parts and their functions in the cell.

Parts of the cell:

cell/plasma membrane, cytoplasm, nucleus, ribosomes, mitochondria, cell wall, chloroplast, vacuoles, endoplasmic reticulum, golgi apparatus, lysosomes.


Step 1 - Research begins. Each student is responsible to research 2 parts of the cell

and post detailed research on their group page. Students must record all research, of all the cell parts in their notebooks, and it must be checked by the teacher before moving on to step 2.

Step 2 - All group members are responsible to complete the other cell parts research that were not chosen.

Step 3 - Groups must divide projects. Two people must do an individual project on plant cells and two people must do an individual project on animal cells.

Step 4 - Each group member must choose one project to complete.

- Rap song - Could be just audio or audio and video

- Cartoon-Toon-Do

Password for ToonDoo and Slidelious:

-Slideshow - slidicious

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Create your own on slidelicious.com Create your own Slideshow
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-Cell story - PowerPoint

Step 5 - Each individual will complete a planning page for their technology project.

Planning sheets must be checked by teacher before beginning technology project.

Step 6 - All technology presentations must be posted to your group page.

Step 7 - Group Quiz - Each group member is responsible to create 1 quiz question for their fellow classmates. The quiz can be in Word, PowerPoint, or hand out format.

Step 8 - Practice presentations with group.

Cell Web Sites:

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